Are you struggling with trying to solve your bloating, constipation, diarrhea, reflux etc?

Are you sick of trying to figure out what works for your gut and what doesn't?

Imagine if you could Heal Your Gut & Calm Your Anxiety in Just 8 Short Weeks?

Did you know you can reset your gut, improve your digestion, and calm your nervous system - all in a matter of weeks?

Research shows it's true!

Who is this program for?

Before I tell you about this life changing program, let's talk about who this is really for...

  • Do you struggle with bloating, gas, and bowel irregularities after you eat?
  • Do you feel exhausted in body and mind – the whole time?
  • Do you suffer from anxiety over events, traveling, or going out to eat for fear of a sudden painful flare-up?
  • Do you have issues focusing?
  • Are you nervous about relying on long-term medication to ease (not cure) gut inflammation like Crohn’s disease or inflammatory bowel disorder symptoms?
  • Are you just getting by with a chronic condition like an autoimmune disorder, eczema, or arthritis?
  • Have eczema, acne, psoriasis or other skin problems just become part of your life?
  • Food sensitivities, allergies, and intolerances, like gluten and dairy.
  • Have you noticed recent bouts of depression, anxiety, mood fluctuations?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then most likely your gut is unhealthy.

The good news is that with the right protocol you can heal your gut and feel great in your own skin!

What if there was a way to solve your gut health issues...

And get your life back!

Experience Freedom, Energy, and Mental Clarity 


My Name is Dr. Avraham Gundle and I Have Helped Countless Patients Heal from Needless Suffering...

In many cases, my patients had such severe gut issues, they could not even function, run their homes or work. (Imagine not being able to earn a living, get on with your life,  due to something as fixable as the gut.)

And, most of my patients come to me after having tried everything and are still struggling with unexplained flair ups and chronic pain.  They come in feeling confused and hopeless.

Hi my name is Avraham Gundle DO. ND, Founder and Director of the Centre for Integrated Medicine, and over the last 3 decades in private practice, I have been privileged to help thousands of patients heal from a diverse range of chronic health conditions be it digestion problems, diabetes, weight loss, auto immune disorders, and eczema to name a few.

I specialize in integrating Functional and Mind-Body Medicine which addresses the root cause of health problems. Most conventional approaches treat the symptoms and do not address the root causes. 

While you may feel better for a while, the underlying issues continues to get worse over time. And in some cases, the issues can even be life-threatening.

My unigue method through combining Functional and Mind-Body Medicine address the root cause and promisses long-term healing.


“Get Your Life Back - Eight Weeks to Heal Your Gut and Calm Anxiety”

Your Kick Starter Blueprint to Get Your Life Back!

Join me on a Gut Healing journey to total health & wellness.

Your gut health is your lifeline. When you lose it, your life can become a daily struggle where things can be out of control. The fact is, if you are not actively healing the root causes, you could be causing even more damage by simply masking the symptoms.

Poor gut health affects more than just your digestion, but also affects your immune system, your mental and emotional health, and causes inflammation in the body. 


I have helped hundreds of patients fully heal from crippling gut health issues. I want to help you too!


It's time to heal your gut and get your life back. Every moment you don't take your health into your own hands, you are delaying the healing process.


What's Inside?

A complete, straightforward, step-by-step plan to naturally heal your gut and calm anxiety in 8 weeks.

It's time to put the key pieces into place, simply and easily.


8-Weeks to Heal Your Gut and Calm Anxiety

In this very practical, live program, you will learn how to simply change a few things each week that will make a huge impact on your health and wellbeing.

Week 1

Meet your own inner community - your microbiome / digestive system

Week 2

Conditions of the Gut /
what can go wrong

Week 3

Support your Gut with self regulation - self care is the heart of healthcare

Week 4

Support your Gut with Nutrient Dense Eating

Week 5

Support your Gut with Mindfulness

Week 6

Support your Gut with supplements (Gut first Aid)

Week 7

Support your Gut with Lifestyle

Week 8

Bringing it all together

And that's just the beginning...

What My Patients Have to Say

All testimonials were given by actual patients with permission to share.

Dr. Gundle stopped my sons chronic cough in just 2 weeks!

My nine year old son had nine months of terrible coughing. He was diagnosed over that time with whooping cough, pneumonia and asthma. He took many courses of antibiotics, took many x-rays and was finally put on steroids – nothing helped!
It was 2 weeks before a trip to Los Angeles that my son was wheezing so badly that I was told we could not travel with him unless we found some medication that could control the wheezing. In desperation I took my son to see Dr Gundle.
Dr Gundle treated him for allergies; put him on a special diet and herbal medications. 3 days later his cough stopped! He also lost about 8 lbs (he was a little overweight) in a week.
When I took him for a doctor’s checkup 2 weeks later his chest sounded totally clear!! What a relief!

- Baruch Hashem

Years of Chronic Back Pain Stopped

I was suffering from back pain on and off for several years.  There was a several month period where I was severely inhibited in terms of my movement and had constant pain.

After going other routes and getting suggestions on what to do from medical professionals, I was introduced to Dr. Gundle. Despite his extremely busy schedule he was willing to give me personal treatment. He made time for me, he took my phone calls and really he shaped a program that was directed towards me and my needs and addressed not just the area of acute pain but really did a total body wellness program with me. I am incredibly grateful. I feel tremendously better than I did the day I walked in to his office and the knowledge that I left with was just as crucial as the actual work on my body.

I thank him and could not recommend him more!

- Zev Goldberg

Stop The Madness & Get The Help You Need NOW

This program will help you or someone you love get your health & vitality back! Every moment you do not take your health into your own hands, you waste precious moments in life. moments you will never get back.


Dr. Gundle Saved Our Baby from Constant Suffering

 Back in December 2011 we were blessed with our second child, little Batsheva. Although she was healthy, she had a hard time feeding and suffered from severe constipation. We tried baby massage and the like with little success.

Then, as we began weaning her off milk and introducing her to solids, we discovered to our dismay that the constipation transformed into chronic diarrhea. Her diapers were always loose, filled with several pieces of undigested food. We were uncomfortable with her inability to digest her food properly, but saw no need to seek medical attention.

Furthermore, her immune system was pitifully weak. She caught bronchitis time and time again. There was hardly a week in the winter that she couldn't be heard coughing chestily. She took round after round of penicillin, but it kept on re-infecting her.

And then her eczema broke out. What began as tiny dry patches on her cheeks spread to her wrists and her knuckles and gradually began to move its way up her arms. Behind her knee sprang-out an angry patch of yeast-infection. We visited our family doctor and he prescribed strong cortisone creams which successfully cleared up all the irritated skin.

But it always came back as soon as we stopped applying the creams.

We decided to take her to a prick-test and discovered that she was in fact allergic to wheat and milk. We tried eliminating those foods from her diet, but we did not see any improvement.

Concerned and with nowhere else to turn, we approached Doctor Gundle.

We knew that this road could prove expensive and we would have to be patient to see any results, but there was little alternative. We were skeptical when he began to test for allergies using the MORA system, but were pleasantly surprised [shocked!] when the results were identical to those of the prick test. He then detected that her digestive system was chronically weak, and that she was suffering from extremely high levels of candida (yeast).

He explained to us that all her conditions were interrelated, and that we would have to strengthen her digestive system and fight the yeast if there was any hope for the skin and immune systems to heal themselves. Batsheva spent an entire year eating virtually no wheat, milk and sugar, and Doctor Gundle boosted her system with many supplements and homeopathic remedies. At each monthly checkup, minor improvements were detected. They were enough to keep us optimistic for the journey ahead.

Today Boruch HaShem, her digestive and immune systems have been restored to full working order, her yeast infection has gone, and her eczema has virtually cleared up. And to make it even better, her allergies have disappeared in the process.

Thanks HaShem - via Doctor Gundle - for gifting us with a healthy child once again.

- Moshi and Ruchi Atlas

Just Like I Have Helped 1000's of Patients Naturally Heal What Ails Them and Stop Pain & Suffering... I Can Help You Too

Imagine finally having relief and knowing that the root causes are being addressed. Imagine getting up each day and feeling refreshed and healthy.


Relief From What Ails You

☑ Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

☑ Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) 

☑ Diverticular disease

☑ Colon polyps and cancer

☑ Colitis

☑ Constipation

☑ Gluten Sensitivity

☑ Celiac Disease

☑ Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

☑ Gastritis

☑ Stomach Flu

☑ Inflammation

☑ Joint and Limb Pain

☑ Allergies & Asthma

☑ And so much more!

Many of my patients have spent thousands of dollars seeing doctors, getting tests, trying new drugs... and they may get relief albeit in the short term. But these treatments often mask the underlying symptoms and with time matters get worse.

In most cases, drugs only serve to mask symptoms, and don't treat the underlying causes.

I have helped countless patients find natural solutions that work with your brain and nervous system to effectively heal your gut

Imagine if You Could:

(In this course, you will get results like:)

  • End bloating, gas and bowel irregularities.
  • Elevate your mood
  • Have increased energy for you, your family, social events, and...LIFE!
  • Sustain mental clarity and improve focus
  • Gain Confidence and freedom to move about to go out in public
  • Detoxify your body from the inside out
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Boost immunity
  • Experience freedom, energy, and mental clarity
  • Improve overall wellness
  • Learn practical tools to get your life back
  • ...and more!

Children Don't Deserve to Suffer

Children rely on their parents to seek professional guidance when they are suffering. I know how frustrating and scary it can be when your child is hurting. I have helped countless parents help their children relieve serious health issues that stemmed from gut-related issues. I can help you as well.

Dear Dr. Gundle,

I would be happy for you to relay this information to any patient passing through your office with an inflammatory bowel disease. It will hopefully inspire them to be patient and pursue your instructions.

My daughter L. was 11 1/2 when she was admitted to the hospital with severe stomach pain and blood in her stool. After a colonoscopy was performed she was diagnosed with "indeterminate ulcerative colitis". The "indeterminate" part was questionable. Her pediatric gastroenterologist said it was uncertain whether she had Colitis or Chrones disease. She was put on "Pentasa granules" - an anti inflammatory medication and for a time was doing enemas for the pain caused by inflammation.

Soon after she was diagnosed, I took L. to Dr. Gundle. I was certain I did not want L. to lead a life of "flare ups" and medication....the picture was not pretty.  Dr. Gundle believed L. could be CURED...not just relieved of symptoms...and I believed it too.  It was very hard work - mostly on L's part - but it has been 3 1/2 years since we first started L.'s program - and thank G-d she is doing great. She is careful with her diet - no dairy and for a while no gluten - and takes several vitamins and supplements twice a day. When L. was in the hospital her ESR (inflammation level in the colon) was 65 - normal is between 0-25. When it
got down to 8 (!!) her gastroenterologist was shocked and thrilled. Dr.  Gundle was also thrilled but not shocked. He wanted it down to 0. We are working on it!

Perhaps the "indeterminate" part of her illness in NEITHER colitis NOR Chrones...I believe L. was severely allergic to dairy which caused her system to wreak havoc. We'll never know for sure but with Dr. Gundle's persistence, dedication and TRUE caring, along with L.'s hard work, she looks and feels great.

I hope this quick synopsis will help anyone in a similar situation to us. If they want to talk to me, please feel free to call me at any time. My home number is 08-979-1192 or cell is 054-620-4290.

In regards to A., I want to thank you so much for how you handled his appointment. You were very tuned into him and where he was at. You sensed he was not too excited about being there and wisely got him to feel in control.

He is doing great on the program and looks like he is actually ENJOYING he is empowered. G-d willing his gall stones (!!!!) will leave his gall bladder and he will live happily ever after!



Dr. Gundle, 

Hashem led us to a “Shaliach” of true healing ability and we want to thank you for being here.

As we’ve seen, in particular with our son’s rejuvenation period, you were correct when you said it takes the blood 120 days to re-circulate and completely re-cleanse itself. This letter comes as an appreciation of your talents and a prayer of success with the health of our community and beyond.

My husband and I have received only expert advice and results when we’ve come to you for a diagnosis, tune-up and work out. I did hesitate however, when I thought about taking one of our younger children to you. I had gone previously and over a long period of time to various Drs. pediatricians and holistic healthy practitioners. My son went through a series of tests to find out why his health was going downhill-a sort of chronic wasting away as I called it. His stomach pains, never-ending throat infections and aching joints got so severe at times. One of the top pediatric rheumatoid doctors at one of the big hospitals in Jerusalem didn’t see/understand any correlation with his overall condition. He was labeled with serious growing pains. Watching my son unable to walk well, with poor eating habits, aching in bed at night with gas pains and chronic throat infections was worsened when I found no help from conventional medicine.

Even before this disheartening realization, we thought we had tried everything natural as possible to relieve our son. But it was when he got sicker than the rest of the children in our family that I knew his immune system must be lower and out of balance. Searching for an answer, I remembered that you used a MORA machine to accurately diagnose a “disease”. And sure enough, with your skills and state-of the- art equipment you saw our child as a whole being and treated him just as well! It seemed as though there was certainly a connection between his aches and pains in that toxins had accumulated in his joints. You told us that we must be patient with the process. Eventually, through various diet options, vitamins, homeopathy, herbal remedies and treatments you guided our son back to out-standing health! It took a few sessions but after the investments I have to say that I honestly don’t remember him ever being so strong, so sure and so well taken care of!

Summer is here. Our son is back on his feet and feeling great, as we are. I feel as though you’ve evoked a wholesome part of our son that we never knew. Dr. Gundle, our blessings go out to you and your family for a life of health, longevity, happiness and peace. You are a healer of exceptional quality, devoted to seeing each client reach his or her organic potential. Hashem should bless you with continued success.

The Novicks

These Are a Small Fraction of Letters I Have Received From Relieved Parents

I am not trying to brag, In fact, quite the opposite. One of my greatest accomplishments in life was helping my own daughter live a healthier life. I understand first-hand what it is like to watch your own child suffer.


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Frequently Asked Questions that students ask before enrolling in the Get Your Life Back – 8 Weeks to Heal Your Gut and Calm Anxiety Program

One Decision Can Turn Your Your Life Around

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What Will Your 2022 Look Like?

You are the only person that can decide if what your 2022 will look like. If you are tired of being tired and sick of being sick, you owe it to yourself to make a change.

Excited? Me too!

Let's do this. I've got your back, and I will be with you every step of the way.

Get ready to experience a transformation!

Let me tell you, I understand firsthand what it's like to deal with gut-based symptoms.

I personally have suffered from a sluggish and irregular bowel for most of my life. Conventional medicine approaches only complicated matters. I’ve spent the last 30 years of my life literally traveling around the world learning from experts in the fields of natural health and well-being in mind body and spirit.

Overly the last 30 years in my quest for answers, I’ve made plenty of painful and costly mistakes until I found the right experts who really knew what they were talking about for me to learn from.

Through traveling and researching to help myself, I was able to help my patients too.

We are also blessed with a special needs child who has struggled for many years with stomach pain, low appetite, excessive weight loss, constipation, and other digestive issues. The conventional band-aid approaches didn't get to the root cause of her symptoms, so I took matters into my own hands.

I have created a program for her that has helped to balance her gut, end her stomach pain and maintain her weight. These integrated and functional medicine approaches included a combination of diet, natural remedies and probiotics that were transforming to my daughter's health.

Dr. Avraham Gundle, DO ND.

I now help others with similar issues get to the root cause of their symptoms. I use a holistic approach to guide clients to rebalance the body using Functional Medicine Lab Testing, detox programs, and mindset and lifestyle changes.

As founder and director for the Centre for Integrated Medicine Ltd, I have helped thousands of people kickstart their journey to a healthier life.  Gut health is the foundation of all health, and I want to empower people with the knowledge and practical tools to heal their gut, which is why I developed this program.

If you are someone who has struggled with digestive issues, you owe it to yourself to at least take a risk-free plunge to see how much better you will feel.

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I am confident that these next 8 weeks will be completely life-changing for you and your family.

I look forward to meeting you personally inside the “Get Your Life Back and Heal your Gut and Calm Anxiety Program”.


Be well!

Avraham Gundle DO ND.

P.S. Avraham’s method restores long-term health and vitality.

It’s nothing short of miraculous considering you are rebuilding your gut, resetting your digestion, overcoming chronic health conditions that developed over years.

Get ready to GET YOUR LIFE BACK!

That said, healing is personal. We don’t have to tell you that.

Also, spoiler alert!

The Program cannot change a stressful job or home-life. Stress reduction, lifestyle, relationships, and choices that let your “garden” grow, all play a role in how quickly your body can respond to a Program.


 Join me for this special FOUNDERS event... where I will help you implement a total health & wellness plan, without sacrificing foods you love or taking pharmaceuticals!